Mysterious Fence Around a Bug's Eggs Baffles Scientists..

Okay so this has been going viral on internet of a mystery bug (or bugs) that have been planting (looks more like weaving) a eerily looks like a picket fence around the eggs that it has been laying.
On a recent expedition to the Amazon forest near the Tambopata Reasearch Center (one of the most remote regions of the rainforest), chemical ecologist, Troy Alexander discovered this strange looking structures on the trunk of a tree. On closer inspection it appears to be some of kind of a egg tower structure (about 2 cm in height) surrounded by a protective fence or rather barrier in this case.
Whats weird is that nobody knows who or what is responsible for this structure or creation. After going viral on Colossal, Wired and Reddit and countless other blogs, the mystery still remains unsolved.
University professors, entomologists, mycologists, and museum directors have all seen the images but aren't able to identify or provide some explanation as to what it actually is. All that can be concluded that its highly possible that Troy has stumbled upon and discovered a species!


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