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Why Tigers Are Extremely Endangered?

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Tigers are biggest family through cats. The nine subspecies of tigers existed in earlier times. There were up to 100 000 individuals in all over the world in the beginning of the 20th century. But since then the number of tigers is dramatically decreasing. Now there are 6 subspecies that exist and total number of them is less than 4 000. This tendency has many reasons but all of the main consequences are effected by human. Here we will introduce the main reasons why tigers are endangered.

The Greatest Treat for Tigers – Illegal Hunters

Firstly, the greatest danger for the tiger’s population is hunters. As it is known, price of the tiger is too high for hunters to restrain themselves of killing them. According several sources, price for one grown-up tiger is up to $65 000. So they just kill them and then get a good amount of money for one hunt, and it is easy money for them. People do not care if this may cause the extinction.

Conflict of interests, Human VS Tigers

Secondly, their habitat is also getting smaller. People cut the trees, build the roads and villages in the same territory where tigers lived and hunted. So the environment is changing, there is less prey for them and they cannot hunt enough food to survive and procreate. For example Javan tigers were extinct because their living space was reduced by more than 200%, instead of natural forest coverage there was cultivated rice plantations, for feeding constantly increasing number of people.

Traditions that Effects

Another reason tigers are endangered is Traditional medicine. In China and India traditional medicine is still very popular and for making several medicine, some organs of tiger is necessary, so they have to kill tigers to get what they need. And given that the most population of tigers live in these places (it is considered that approximately 2 000 Bengal tigers live here) this is great danger for them.



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