Wednesday, April 23, 2014

These 9 Stunning Photos With Jasperto And Zoey Will Make You Look Twice.

3:40 AM

LA-based lifestyle photographer Grace Chon specializes in human and animal portraits an in this amusing photo series called “Zoey and Jasper.” She got her 10-month-old baby boy Jasperto pose with their adopted 7-year-old dog Zoey with matching clothes, hats, glasses and other stylish accessories.

Zoey the dog has her own story to tell as well. She was born in front of a store in Taiwan and the owner washed her into a gutter together with her siblings. Fortunately, the puppies were found and rescued not long after the incident and were taken by the Animal Rescue Team in Taiwan. Zoey ended up being adopted by Grace Chon and her family in the USA.

The naturally shy Zoey and naturally happy baby boy Jasper create a beautiful duo that shines with good spirit and delight.



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