He Leaves A Pack Of German Shepherds Alone. Now Watch The Right Side Of The Screen…

Sometimes, dogs and owners seem so in sync that what they can achieve together is simply beautiful. Take this video, for example, which shows a dog owner and trainer with seemingly unbelievable control over his pack of German Shepherds — to the point where no leash is required while out exploring the local park. A lot of love and time went into training these beautiful dogs.

When he takes that leap over the pack, I couldn’t believe my eyes. All of their attention is on him — even when the woman and her small dog approach the pack, they all look to their owner to watch for his commands.

The dogs’ owner talks about growing up surrounded by dogs and says, “I learned to communicate with those dogs the same way they communicate with each other. I was the only one around who the dogs respected and followed as their leader we walked miles and miles every day we went hiking, swimming, fishing, and the pack was always around me no matter where I went.”

We’ve seen patient, well-trained dog packs do amazing things before, so I can only imagine how long it must have taken to train this pack.

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Source: germanshepherds.littlethings.com

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