This Baby Started Acting Funny, So They Pulled Out Their Camera… Whoa!

Just two days after his birth, this newborn pygmy goat started to take his first wobbly steps, but it actually looks like he’s dancing (or maybe had a few too many beers.) Thankfully, the farmer was on hand to catch the goat in action and film it.

While we've seen some pretty cute barnyard animals in the past this pygmy goat and his “happy dance” might be the best video to grace the internet yet.

In the clip, the goat enjoys playtime with his pals and appears to be dancing around as he takes some of his first steps. Maybe this goat is just so happy about life that he can’t help but celebrate with a joyous hop and some boogie in his step. This pygmy goat kid sure knows how to shake it.

According to some YouTube users, the reason the goat appears to be dancing is because he is not used to the flies yet. Even so, there’s no animal on Earth happier than a newborn pygmy goat, at least that’s what this baby goat’s owners believe. Who knew something so small could pack so much cuteness? We dare you to get through this video without giggling. Get ready to fall in love!

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