When Dad Left His Daughter And His Dog In A Room, He Found Them Doing THIS! So Cute!

All dog lovers attempt to teach their dog new tricks. The easiest trick might be teaching them to give their paw. I bet everyone has tried this but I didn’t expect it coming from a kid.

Hadley is only three years old and by seeing this you can totally say that this little lady is going to be an excellent dog trainer or may be she already is. She asks her dog Gauge to give his paw to her repeatedly as if she is making sure he doesn’t forget it later. She is giving him treats and luring him to do as she says. These two are adorable together. What a great moment to capture in the camera.

Isn’t this cutest? I wish I could cuddle them both. Don’t you think she will make a wonderful dog trainer? Watch this video below and enlighten us with your thoughts through COMMENTS! ENJOY!

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