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Jojo Flirts With Buddy!

Out of all the many different species of birds in the world, parrots are among the smartest, and they definitely shouldn’t ever be referred to as simple-minded “bird brains.”

JoJo, the beautiful green feathered parrot with a distinctive looking line circling her neck in this video, is proof of just how loving and affectionate parrots often are. The Indian Ringneck, a parrot subspecies, knows how to sweet talk her best friend and lover, Buddy. Buddy also has similarly colored green feathers but his plumage features more white, especially in his chest area.

In this video, originally uploaded by YouTuber birdsiviewnc, JoJo can be seen showering Buddy with kisses and tender words. She says things like “Whatcha doin’? Oh! Pretty! Gimme kiss? Peck, peck, peck…!” In response, Buddy shakes and ‘quakes.’ That is a natural and common behavior often displayed by Quaker parrots, which is the species of parrot Buddy happens to be. When they become excited or happy they get all aflutter and so it’s clear to see that Buddy is loving the attention JoJo is paying him. It’s awesome to see them displaying mutual love and affection for one another, and it’s safe to say these parrots are a match made in bird heaven.

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