This Guy Bought A Dog Proof Food Box To Keep The Dog Food In. But A Hidden Camera Caught THIS!

All dog owners know how hard it is to keep certain dogs from eating either their own or human food. Dogs can get sick from so many things they get into, so it’s always a challenge. We try to “dog-proof” things we don’t want our pups getting into so that don’t overeat or make a mess.

That is what Gil Jacobs had in mind with the really unique dog food container that you are about to see in the video below. He was trying to keep MeMe, his Australian shepherd, from stealing his dog food when it wasn’t meal time. When you see this clever contraption it looks like it will do the job…

This doggie-proof container seems like it will be a challenge for MeMe. Try, try again seems to be his motto. This clever pup has other ideas, as Jacobs sees when he reviews the footage that is caught on camera!

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