Baby Εlephant Τaking A Βath - Nature Knows

Baby Εlephant Τaking A Βath

This is a very cute and funny video of a baby elephant taking a bath. It is obviously enjoying it’s bath time and loves to splash in the water. The young elephant lives at an elephant sanctuary and is being washed by a man who has a hose pipe.

There’s a bath that is barely big enough for the baby elephant to lay in but it keeps rolling into it head first and rolling over in the water. Onlookers are finding this very funny and are taking photos and recording the scene. A woman and her daughter even have a turn at hosing the young elephant down, however it gets out of the bath and runs away with the hose pipe still wrapped round it.

The mother elephant stands by observing her baby taking a bath. She is eating some hay and doesn’t seem at all interested to join in. This video reminds us of the joy of being young.


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