Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Adorable Little Baby Surprises Her Best Friends With A Stinky Gift

10:27 AM

When you were little, what did you need when you went to sleep? My parents and sisters will tell you that I would never fall asleep without some sort of movie or music playing. I never liked the silence, and I would cry if I were just left alone for a nap. It probably could have saved them a bit of electricity and energy if I just needed a toy or something. But beggars can’t be choosers.

At some point in our childhood, we want that feeling of companionship and protection. Not just from our parents, but from a buddy whom we see something in common with as opposed to our big mom and dad. Maybe it’s a comfy plush toy or our favorite action figure. Whatever it is, it gets us through the adventures of childhood and helps us rest for a new day.

Little baby Elsarose found herself two nap time buddies in the family dog and cat. Ready for some rest, Pebbles the Ragdoll cat and Nelda the Labrador all come to Elsarose’s side to help keep her safe and quiet. Although, it seems that Pebbles takes guard as she stands on top of Nelda and takes a wide-eyed look around. But just when you thought this was a normal video of a baby sleeping with her best friends, something quite surprising happens. It turns out that little Elsarose has a present for her pets, and they’re not going to like it!

The cat seems to sense what’s coming and hops off just in time, but the poor dog is deep in her slumber and is awoken by an interesting smell!

Source: Puppy, kitten and baby preciously cuddle together by MikeStone on Rumble

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