If You Find Your Pet Doing This, Take Them To The Vet Immediately -->

If You Find Your Pet Doing This, Take Them To The Vet Immediately

Do you have a pet? Well then you might know that sometimes they press their head against the wall to show you that they’re guilty of eating food from the fridge, but if this head pressing is very common, they require medical attention.

Many times our pets will be seen pressing their heads against hard surfaces and sometimes for no apparent reason so when this happens, take them to the vet because it head pressing is a health condition that indicates that there’s damage in the nervous system.

The nervous system of a pet can get damaged because of prosencephalon disease, chemical exposure, tumors, infections, or other health conditions.

You might have personally seen a lot of pets head pressing and you might have thought it was cute to watch, but remember that your pet cannot speak and so the only way he or she can let you know that they’re suffering is by action. So as a pet owner you need to pay close attention to this because it could be a beginning to a serious issue.

Depending on the frequency of head pressing and the amount of time your pet spends doing it, treatment will vary. So it’s always best that you get them medical attention at the earliest possible because sometimes it may require hospitalization while other times it may require a different kind of treatment.

Finally remember that pets can’t speak your language and when you adopt them you promise to provide the best for them so its really up to you to decode these signals. Learn to be aware of their behavior because it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. If you know anyone who has a pet, please share this message with them. Together, let’s keep out pets happy, healthy and forever smiling 🙂


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