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Rescued Baby Raccoon Become Part of A Family

When this baby raccoon was found, he was infested with parasites, had a number of injuries and abscesses as well as being dehydrated and near death. After being told by officials that the little guy would have to be euthanized if he was turned in, the family that discovered him decided not to give him up.

While it wasn’t easy, as the baby they named Loki grew, he began to show his love and affection for humans. Loki was free to come and go as he pleased, using a doggie door to get in and out, but he never wanted to head off on his own.Less

Despite the many challenges of taking care of a raccoon, requiring lots of patience, love and understanding, in the footage you’ll see just how much sunshine Loki brought into the lives of his human companions, including enjoying the occasional movie and popcorn right alongside them!


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