This Seal Enjoys Sunbathing On Beach-Chairs - Nature Knows

This Seal Enjoys Sunbathing On Beach-Chairs

Two years now a seal in Samos island in Greece called Argyro gets everyone's attention! First days you could find her only near the boats in the harbor of Samos, where fishermen baptized her "Argyro". Afterwards, Argyro had zero problem on swimming along humans!

This seal can't stand loneliness, therefore she loves coming out of the sea, sunbathing on beach-chairs and make company with tourists!

Researchers admit that Argyro's behavior is strange, interpreting that a Monachus-Monachus seal usually chooses live in caves or inaccessible coasts!

However, despite her familiarity with humans, researchers note people must never forget that this is naturally a wild animal.

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