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11 Photos Prove Every Kids Needs A Dog

Dogs Are Such Loyal, Caring, And Loving Creatures – It’s No Wonder Why They’re Called ‘Man’s Best Friend.’ Their Compassionate Personalities Also Make Them Wonderful Companions For Children.

According to the American Kennel Club, having a dog in the household, while raising your child, can have lots of benefits. Children with dogs tend to have higher self-esteem, less stress, a happier attitude, and they can even be healthier!

These 15 Adorable Photos Are Proof That Every Single Kid Should Grow Up With A Dog.
So, parents, if your little ones have been bugging you for a fur baby around the house – you might want to give in. But remember, adopt, don’t shop!

1. Dogs Make Excellent Playmates And Have Lots Of Energy.

Source: afamiliarstranger via Reddit

2. “Dog Was Sad About The Cone, Thankfully Someone Was Willing To Cheer Him Up!”
Source: Reddit

3. Plus, Babies And Puppies – Does It Get Any Cuter?
Source: youngbullies via Instagram

4. Dogs Have Amazing Qualities That Our Kids Can Learn To Emulate.
Source: JustBeSimple via Reddit

5. “Doggo Can’t Stand When My Son Goes To School. She Sat On Him This Morning So He Wouldn’t Leave.”
Source: Reddit

6. They’re Basically Kind Of Like In-House Babysitters.
Source: FiveStands via Reddit/

7. “My Daughter Is Home With A Fever. Puppy Therapy Has Commenced.”
Source: CapnFancyPants via Reddit

8. If That’s Not The Look Of Pure Bliss, I Don’t Know What Is.
Source: uhwatwat via Reddit

9. This Adorable Little Girl And Bulldog Take Turns Warming Their Bums On The Heater Vent.
Source: moonstep77 via Reddit

10. In Lots Of Ways, Dog Prep You For Having Kids.
Source: Roytoy13 via Reddit

11. But, Of Course, It Always Means Double The Trouble.
Source: CambodianBreastMilk via Reddit

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