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Boy Adopts Oldest Dog In The Shelter

At 14-years-old, the last thing a miniature poodle named Shey was expecting was to be dropped off at a shelter, but sadly, that’s exactly what happened in November of 2017.

Shey’s family was moving and unfortunately could not take him with them, so they dropped him off at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. For four long months, he waited at the shelter for a family to adopt him, but due to his age and health conditions – he was passed by day after day.

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Shey was suffering from a dental disease rotting all but one of his teeth, he was deaf, half-blind, and had never been neutered. The rescue provided the dog with care and surgery, but still – no one seemed to take interest in the senior dog.

Months later, a young boy named Tristan walked into the shelter wanting to adopt a small, cuddly dog. The shelter staff knew right away that Shey could be the perfect match.

“Shey is super sweet and wants to be near people all the time,” Jessica Jorgenson, digital content coordinator for the rescue, told The Dodo

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Tristan took a seat in the waiting room while the staff went to grab Shey. As soon as they placed the miniature poodle in Tristan’s lap, both he and Shey were overcome with joy. Tristan couldn’t stop smiling and Shey seemed to relax in his arms as if he knew he was with his new family.

As Shey cuddled in Tristan’s lap, Tristan listened carefully to the staff while they explained all of the dog’s special needs. The young boy even pulled out the calendar on his phone to start scheduling future appointments.

“He understood that Shey couldn’t hear what was going on and might not be able to see things clearly, so he was very slow with his actions,” Jorgenson said. “He was just very respectful of what Shey could and couldn’t handle.”

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

The shelter staff continued to review Shey’s medical history with Tristan and his family, and Tristan let them know that he already had created a special, designated spot for the little dog in his room.

“He was so mindful of Shey’s special needs,” Jorgenson added. “Tristan is very mature for his age and asked a ton of questions.”

After a few minutes of speaking and watching the young boy’s interaction with the dog, the adoption staff didn’t have to think twice about adopting him out to their home. They knew they didn’t have to worry about Shey’s special needs because Tristan was so responsible.

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

It didn’t take long for Shey to feel right at home with Tristan and his family. But there’s definitely one spot in the house that seems to be the senior dog’s favorite – hanging out in Tristan’s arms. The two have become inseparable.

Shey’s future was looking grim, but thankfully – he now has a loving family that is doing everything they can to make up for those months in the shelter.
Since Shey is over 14-years-old, the family isn’t sure how many years he has left, but they do know that they want to make his last years as amazing as possible. One thing is for certain – Shey definitely knows that he’s loved.

The Dodo via Heather Reese

“Shey is very content,” Jorgenson said. “Cuddling is his favorite thing in the world, and he snuggled right in with Tristan.”

We couldn’t be happier that Tristan and Shey found each other – they’re a match made in heaven.

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