Sweet Dog’s Quick Fix To Help Struggling Kitten Up The Stairs Has Over 7.8 Million Views - Nature Knows

Sweet Dog’s Quick Fix To Help Struggling Kitten Up The Stairs Has Over 7.8 Million Views

The age-old battle between cats and dogs has gone on for longer than anyone can remember, perpetuating the idea that the two don’t get along. While this can be true, some instances couldn’t be further from the truth, especially if they live in the same household and one is a baby!

This is Tenny the German Shepherd who’s got a new kitten as a friend, and the two are adorable, as they try to climb the stairs together. Except for one thing – the kitten is too little to make it up.

The video opens with Tenny trying to scoop the kitten up the stairs. Mom calls his name, as a way to urge him to give the kitten space to accomplish the stairs on his own. The kitten starts, and fares off pretty well until Tenny decides to swoop in and try again. “No, let him do it himself!” says mom.

Either Tenny is impatient or just can’t bear to see his teeny furry pal make every effort. In any case, Tenny doesn’t listen to mom. He tries to nip at the kitten’s head and pick him up. Poor kitten doesn’t know what’s going on, so he dodges, trying to avoid the dog. Tenny eventually manages to get a good angle and grab the kitten’s head in his mouth.

The kitty completely surrenders and doesn’t put up a fight! He obviously really trusts Tenny and knows that he’s in good hands (a good mouth?). Tenny gingerly steps up the stairs with the kitten dangling out of his mouth so the two can hang out from their new spot, overlooking the lower floor. It’s wonderful that the two animals share a deep bond – they shatter any negative dog-cat stereotypes one might have. What a team!

Check the link below to see the cuteness overload between this loving doggo and cute kitty.


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