Woman Rescues Pig Found On Craigslist Ad – Weeks Later, Sees 8 Tiny Piglets In Her Pen - Nature Knows

Woman Rescues Pig Found On Craigslist Ad – Weeks Later, Sees 8 Tiny Piglets In Her Pen

Source: Bentley's Barnyard/Facebook

Three years ago, Kaley Zappini and her husband bought a large piece of property in northern Florida, which soon turned into a rescue sanctuary for unwanted animals.
“I was in heaven having my horses in my backyard. Then I started to do research,” she told The Dodo. This is when she discovered “kill pens,” which are places that unwanted farm animals get auctioned off for slaughter.

Then, Kaley and her husband discovered ‘mini pigs,’ which are not actually a real thing. Pigs are sold when they are babies as ‘mini pigs,’ and then they are discarded and abandoned once they grow up.

Kaley decided that she was going to start Bentley’s Barnyard Rescue, a place where animals could get the love and safety that they deserve.

Source: Bentley's Barnyard/Facebook

A year after starting the resue, Kaley was browsing Craiglist and found an ad from a backyard breeder that was raising pigs. He didn’t want her anymore so he placed an ad, thus begins the story of Kahlua.

“I found her on Craigslist advertised as a ‘good BBQ’ pig,” Kaley said. “Of course, seeing her little face I had to reach out.”

The owner explained that the pig was too small to be a breeding pig so he didn’t want her anymore. So, Kaley went and picked her up the very next day so she wouldn’t end up becoming ‘BBQ.’

Kaley thought that she had rescued just one pig from the backyard breed, but little did she know – she saved more than one life that day.
A few weeks after bringing Kahlua back to her property, she went to go check on her and received the surprise of a lifetime. There were 8 tiny little piglets nursing on Kahlua’s big belly. Kaley couldn’t believe it!

Source: Bentley's Barnyard/Facebook

“I walked out to an AMAZING surprise,” she said. “They are all healthy and happy!”

Source: Bentley's Barnyard/Facebook

This incredible moment made Kaley think that Kahlua wanted to make sure she was somewhere safe before having her babies.
“She was really skittish the first week or so, but finally realized that I was not the bad person — in fact, I was the nice lady brining the fruit salad every morning,” Kaley said. “She absolutely loves belly rubs!”

Source: Bentley's Barnyard/Facebook

Now, the entire happy family can grow up and live together at the rescue sanctuary. Not to mention, the first pig that Kaley rescued, named Blue, is absolutely ecstatic to have so many other pig friends to play and bond with.

Source: Bentley's Barnyard/Facebook

“Blue was beyond excited to have another one of his kind and they have been inseparable since!” she said. “Blue is such a good daddy to these babies.”

Kaley saved Blue when his owner bought him as a ‘mini pig’ and didn’t realize he would keep growing.

Source: Bentley's Barnyard/Facebook

“He loves the babies,” Kaley said. “He treats them as his own and helps keep them close to Mom. He even lays next to their little nest.”

As soon as they were around a week old, the piglets took their very first mud bath – a pig’s favorite pastime! They are growing up before Kaley’s eyes but she’s so happy that they can all grow up without a worry in the world.

If you’d like to donate to Bentley’s Barnyard Rescue, you can do so by visiting their donation page. You can also keep up with the family on the rescue’s Instagram page.

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