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Watchful Silverback Gorilla Comes Out Of Bushes, Moments Later We Know He’s Not Alone

Many of us probably remember our parents helping us to cross the road when we were young children. Our parent would take our hand, remind us to look both ways, and then help us to safely to the other side. It’s a simple act, but a very important one.

It turns out that humans aren’t the only ones who help their families with this common task. A Silverback Gorilla named Chimanku has been photographed as he helps members of his family group cross the road in the National Park where they reside. He may not hold anyone’s hand, but his concern for their safety is heartwarming.

Chimanuka is the leader of a group of around 36 gorillas living in Kahuzi-Biega National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is estimated to be around 30-years-old and has a fascinating history. Chimanuka was one of the few gorillas who survived the most violent part of the conflict in eastern Congo from 1996-2003. He was the first to be found after the period of unrest, and his name fittingly means “good fortune just when you need it.”

Chimanuka is known for his massive size, as well as his kind personality. He is described as being gentle with park rangers, veterinarians, tourists, and the scientists that study the gorillas in the area. He is also very affectionate with the others in his group, especially the youngsters.

“Chimanuka is the most peaceful gorilla I’ve ever worked with,” says Dr. Damien Caillaud, the Fossey Fund’s research director in Congo. “He is extremely tolerant toward humans.”

In the video below, watch him carefully protect his family as they cross the road.


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