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She Stares Into The Eyes Of A Dying Dog And A Miracle Ensues

It goes without saying that the following video may be hard to watch at first. But by watching it to the very end, you’ll be left with a feeling of warmth in your heart (and possible a few wet cheeks). It is a story that is so inspiring, that it’ll give you (or increase your) hope and faith in humanity.

The story in the video below concerns a precious dog called Angel. This pup was left to starve on purpose for four months. This led to her losing copious amounts of weight to the point that her organs were starting to shut down. Her body was frail, her bones could be seen, and she had a sad, anxious and troubled look in her eyes.

Then the rescue group, Rescue From The Hart, took all of their energy and time to help Angel come back to life. They were extremely patient with her, fed her small amounts so that her body could get accustomed to eating again, and stretched out her legs in hope that one day, she would be able to walk or run…and boy, after some time, did she run!

After months of TLC, Angel was looking healthier, eating a normal diet, and was able to stand, walk and later, run, all by herself. The moments, all captured in the video, are too heartwarming to put into words. Additionally, Angel was adopted by a loving woman who allows her to run freely in the garden and to play with her other pup—the two definitely seem to hit it off!

See the tear-inducing video below and let us know what you thought of it in the comments.

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