Homeless Dog Finds Warmth Next to Baby Jesus in a Nativity Will in Brazil

Homeless Dog Finds Warmth Next to Baby Jesus in a Nativity Will in Brazil

One night, in the middle of a cold December, a lonely traveller needed a place to sleep for the night. With so many places turning them away, they eventually stumbled upon a shelter with a manager and knew immediately that they had found their safe haven. Sound like the story of Mary and Joseph on Christmas Eve? Well, this story actually involves a different sort of lonely traveller; a homeless puppy.

The adorable German Shepherd puppy of our story was an orphan, wandering the streets. At such a cold time of year, it can be a tough job finding a safe and warm place to sleep. But luckily for this little pup, a miracle was awaiting it.

Coming across a life-size Nativity display in the town of Santa Catarin, Brazil, the tiny puppy must have been delighted as it climbed into the warm manger, snuggling up with ‘baby Jesus’.

The following morning, residents of the town couldn’t believe their eyes as they came across the Nativity scene with an added addition. I didn’t realise puppies were at the birth of Jesus too…

As a crowd gathered, the pup woke up to find all these faces staring down at it, but didn’t move from its safe haven. It clearly felt safe, so close to Jesus. Maybe a guardian angel was keeping a close eye on it.

When one passerby spotted the homeless pup, they just had to adopt him and now he’s found his forever home. If this isn’t a Christmas miracle then I don’t know what is!

The following year in December 2009, blogger Ana Corina shared an email she received from Kiko Della Giustina, who shared the story behind the photo.

According to Ana, the pup seeking warmth next to baby Jesus was a stray familiar to local shopkeepers in the area.

“I had the great honor and happiness of having clicked the pictures of the scene of this beautiful and abandoned dog in the manger,” Kiko said in his email. “I’ll never forget, it was a cold, rainy day.”

Giustina said seeing the dog made him emotional as he knew he couldn’t offer him a home adding: “Unfortunately, I just did not take him home because I live in an apartment and I already have two street adoptees.”

Good news came soon after when he learned this gorgeous German Shepherd had been adopted!


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