Man Dies After Losing Beloved Four-Legged Friend of 14 years

Man Dies After Losing Beloved Four-Legged Friend of 14 years

Only dog-lovers believe in the bond between a pet and a person. Dogs are loved like they are human, perhaps even more than a human and sometimes the love between the two species can be heartbreaking to witness. This is the story of such heartbreak.

Ken lived in a mobile home community located in Hemet, California, with his dog, Zack, his 16-year-old pooch. The two kept to themselves and lived a quiet life.

However, a few weeks ago, when a neighbour visited Ken, there was no response. She began banging on the door, and when she entered, she found the small pooch in a terrible state. Ken was in tears that he didn’t have money to take the little one to the vet.

Burt, the neighbour, posted the story to social media. And within an hour, Elaine Seamans from the At-Choo Foundation, one that sheltered dogs, intervened through Burt.

Even though Zack was rushed to the vet, he didn’t make it. Ken’s sobs could be heard for a long time, hardly ever stopping. Near the end, Burt captured the heart-wrenching moment and shared it to the world.

Doubtlessly, the picture soon went viral, tearing pet-owners apart worldwide. Cards were started to pour in through Ken’s doors. But as fate has it, Ken had a heart attack. People are speaking about how he died of heartbreak since his little pooch’s death. And we concur.

Hopefully, the two are together at the Rainbow Bridge, painless and restful. All our heartfelt condolences for the tragic loss.


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