Bon Jovi Donates All New Song Profits To Organization That Trains Dogs For Veterans With PTSD

Bon Jovi Donates All New Song Profits To Organization That Trains Dogs For Veterans With PTSD

The band Bon Jovi has released a new song, “Unbroken,” in conjunction with the documentary “To Be of Service.” The documentary shows the struggles faced by many military veterans as they transition from life in the military back to “normal life.”

The non-profit organization has made it its mission to provide service dogs to military veterans and fire responders who need their services. Jon Bon Jovi made an official announcement of the release of the song on his YouTube channel.

Source: Twitter/Bon Jovi

“This song is meant to honor America’s veterans and their service, but I also wanted to take an unflinching look at the reality of their daily lives and struggles,” the band said.

The song will also be on the band’s upcoming album “2020” set to be released at a later date. Jon Bon Jovi, the group’s lead vocalist says the upcoming album is “a real statement record.”

“It’s not political, but it’s very socially conscious, you know, just awareness of so many things going on in the world right now — whether it is the environment or politics, it’s just the wider array of things that need our attention right now,” the singer said in an Extra interview.

Source: Facebook/To Be of Service

“To Be of Service” was directed and produced by Academy Award-nominated director Josh Aronson. The film focuses on the lives of military veterans who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the service dogs that work with them.

Source: Patriotic Service Dog Foundation

PTSD is a very real condition that affects an estimated 11 to 20 percent of Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom veterans, 12 percent of Gulf War veterans, and 15 percent of Vietnam War veterans. PTSD can result in veterans re-experiencing their trauma, especially in stressful situations, and can even lead to suicide.

PTSD also leaves many of its sufferers on edge and with feelings of anxiety. This makes it hard to engage in social situations and can lead to mood swings, depression, and feelings of isolation from friends and family.

Source: Facebook/To Be of Service

In many cases, service dogs have been shown to have a positive effect on veterans suffering from PTSD. The movie deals with these relationships and how they are changing the lives of the veterans involved. In effect, at its heart, the documentary is a tale of love, recovery, and survival.

Source: Patriotic Service Dog Foundation

That is where the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation comes in. Their goal is to reduce the number of veteran suicides, which currently stands at around 22 per day, down to zero. To learn more about the organization, visit its Website or its Facebook page.

The film’s producers plan on giving the documentary a limited theatrical release followed by a release of the film on Netflix on Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2019. Here is the video of the new song from the popular American music group.


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