Stag Climb to Elderly Woman’s Window Twice a Day For a Snack

Stag Climb to Elderly Woman’s Window Twice a Day For a Snack

This 80-year-old woman may not be Snow White – but she’s enchanted quite a wild friend to keep her company in the woods.

Every day of the winter season, Mette Kvam leans out her window with homemade cookies and biscuits in order to feed her friend Flippen: a massive wild stag.

Since they first met one another outside Mette’s window, Flippen has visited her house in Aurland, Norway every winter for the last three years – and Mette is always waiting for him.

The friendship began when the senior saw the creature moving through her snowy yard in 2014. She offered him a cookie and – to her surprise – he cautiously put his hoofs up on the side of her house and accepted the snack. Now, whenever he sin’t hiding up in the mountains during the warmer months, he is always visiting his elderly friend.

The friendship hasn’t just provided Flippen with valuable treats, either. Since Flippen was fondly named after his flipped ears, hunters always recognize him as Mette’s famed friend and avoid harming him in any way.

Though Flippen is too shy to be around anyone but Mette, he reportedly takes great pleasure in head scratches and nose pets from his human friend.

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