Cleaning Company Is Donating THOUSANDS Of Toilet Rolls To The Elderly Who Can’t Get Supplies

Cleaning Company Is Donating THOUSANDS Of Toilet Rolls To The Elderly Who Can’t Get Supplies

A cleaning company has announced they intend on donating THOUSANDS of toilet rolls to elderly people who are struggling to get supplies during the coronavirus pandemic.

A cleaning company boss has announced he will be donating 8,000 rolls of toilet paper to the elderly and disabled who can’t get any supplies as people ransack the supermarket shelves.

Dexter Gordon, 32, told Daily Mail Australia that he heard about a call for toilet rolls as a part of a coronavirus care package for the elderly and disabled through local radio station Fox FM, so he decided to pitch in.

He said: “I heard the presenters were looking for companies to donate to people who are struggling, so I sent them my remaining stock.”

Wowed by his generosity, presenters Fifi Box and Byron Cook then gushed over social media about Mr Gordon’s extremely kind gesture.

They took to Instagram and wrote: “Look at the toilet rolls! Thanks so much Dexter’s Cleaning.”

This was then followed by a mountain stock of toilet paper that Mr Gorden had donated.

Dexter’s cleaning company also took to Instagram to share the wonderful news, which is much needed during these difficult times.

A spokesperson for the company wrote: “We decided to get rid of ALL of our current toilet paper supply and give it to the elderly and vulnerable in our community. Thank you to @fifi_box and @fififevbyron for the initiative and getting these care packs to people who need it most. We have a NEW order arriving tomorrow and we kindly ask you to consider purchasing for the same sorts of people in your family or community. So if there are any pensioners who may find it hard to go to the store and you can purchase on behalf of them, we would be most grateful. Link to order in our Instagram bio (Melb metro delivery only, for the moment). #HonourSystem #InItTogether”.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Gordon never actually sold toilet paper on his website, but as he saw the panic buying set in he felt that it had become too ‘manic’ and he had to step in where he could.

Mr Gordon added: “I’m getting another order in tomorrow and as a result started an online store so that people can help look after those around them.”

Credit: Dexter’s Cleaning

Through the radio website, listeners can nominate someone they think is in need of receiving the care package. Click here for more information.

This news has come after Woolworths has announced it will be dedicating an hour a day for disabled and elderly shoppers to get all their essentials. The store will be opened later on for the general public.

However, this initiative was blasted as a PR stunt on Tuesday as hundreds of pensioners gathered outside, only to discover that when they went in that the shelves were empty of stock.

Coles, Woolworths and Aldi have all been forced to crack down on the toilet paper crisis, with supermarket giants now imposing a one-pack per shop restriction.

Supermarkets have also been putting limits on dry pasta, flour, rice, paper towels, tissues and hand sanitiser.


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