Mama Bear Takes Her 2 Cubs For A Swim In California -->

Mama Bear Takes Her 2 Cubs For A Swim In California

Vacationers on the California side of Lake Tahoe had a truly wild time when a mama bear and her two cubs joined them on the beach.

Videos uploaded by YouTube user Norma Alvarez Wednesday show the furry family splashing around in the cool waters of the lake, which borders Nevada. Naturally, the adorable guests attract a crowd of onlookers who coo over their antics - at a safe distance.

The first video shot at the lake shows the fuzzy family splashing around in the water, apparently unbothered by the canoers floating just a few feet away.

Mama bear wades a little way out while her mischievous cubs bat water at each other, just like human children. She then breaks up the fight, and one of her kids gives her a quite literal bear hug - to the delight of the watching crowd.

'It's nature,' remarks one little girl - though the rows of white-masted yachts in the distance and the plastic pails on the beach show just how much humanity has encroached on the bears' natural habitat.



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