Beauty Hurts: The Price This Bird Has to Pay for Its Cool Haircut -->

Beauty Hurts: The Price This Bird Has to Pay for Its Cool Haircut

Most canaries alive today are domesticated varieties bred by royalty for pets, starting in the 1700s.

Since then all kinds of specialized breeds have been created with a wide spectrum of colors, shapes and singing abilities.

One of the coolest-looking canary breeds on the market is the Gloster Canary, a mix of three breeds developed in England in the 1920s.

The songbird has a hilarious bowl-shaped haircut, reminiscent of Big Bird.

While many canaries are bred for their unique colors or song voices, this one is bred specifically for its bold hairdo.

Glosters typically come in yellow, green, cinnamon, and frost.

While the colorful creations of breeders may be fun for humans, the lives of domesticated canaries are not so bright.

Because these birds exist for the sole purpose of being someone’s pet, they’ll more than likely never get to spread their wings and fly, or even spend a day outside of their cages.

Even if they could escape, they probably wouldn’t know how to survive in the wild.

Canaries are bred in similar conditions to dogs in puppy mills. Just because they’re cute, doesn’t make it right for us to create caged animals for our amusement.


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