Meet Bowie: The Rescue Kitten With Different-Colored Eyes That’s Famous On Instagram -->

Meet Bowie: The Rescue Kitten With Different-Colored Eyes That’s Famous On Instagram

Without a doubt, one of the most important musicians in rock -and therefore in the modern history of music- was David Bowie. The British composer and artist died in 2016 at the age of 69, of which he dedicated more than 50 years to music, leaving a great legacy to the new generations.

But a fact that not all the artist’s fans knew is that he adored cats. And having said that, we have no other choice but to introduce Bowie, a cat who has the same condition as the human Bowie: a heterochromia that makes him have one green and one blue eye.

Photo credit: bowie__the__cat

In 2018, Bowie was just another stray cat on the streets of Alicante (Spain), until he was rescued by a local veterinary clinic. Soon after, the cat would meet his mother, Maria Lloret, who, upon seeing his eyes, knew immediately that she had to name him after one of her idols.

In addition to his visible graces, Bowie showed a flirty personality, posing with charm for every picture Maria took of him. For the same reason, in December 2018, the Spaniard decided to open an Instagram account where she uploads Bowie’s content and crazy stuff.

It didn’t take long for the cat to become very popular among users.

Maria, his mother, even has a blog dedicated to Bowie, whose entries are in both Spanish and English: generally, the woman shares stories about her cat and anecdotes that happen to them when they are together.

Maria is an advocate of animal adoption, so she hopes that the example she set with Bowie will be replicated worldwide and that more and more animals will be adopted and loved for the rest of their lives.

If you would like to keep up with the journey of the mischievous Bowie and his two-toned eyes, you can follow him on his Instagram or Facebook page, as well as his special blog.


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