Lone Kitten Stops Crying as Man Starts Petting Her -->

Lone Kitten Stops Crying as Man Starts Petting Her

A man named Leo stumbled across an adorable kitten crying for help just outside of his workplace.
She was unable to see as her eyes had crusted tightly shut, but the man’s soothing words and gentle petting calmed her down quickly. 

 Leo’s wife, Laney elaborated a bit: “He called me, and I headed over with the cat carrier. We were able to get one of her eyes to open within an hour, and she got the other one open on her own. He did a very thorough search of the area, and saw no other cats or kittens.” 

 The kitten’s eyes cleared up substantially by the next day and, after a bath, she was no longer bothered by the multitude of fleas that had been clinging to her. The kitten was soon thereafter given the name of Daenerys Targaryen (Dany for short) and adopted into their family. 

She met their other cat, Skidmark, and the two became fast friends. Skidmark was also rescued and adopted into their family, so they have plenty in common. 

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