They Found This Poor Baby Caked In Mud. Minutes Later? I Can’t Believe It

They Found This Poor Baby Caked In Mud. Minutes Later? I Can’t Believe It

It was a normal day for the builders tasked with some routine ground work near London’s Canary Wharf. They had left a couple of ground holes open, so when they heard the cries of a young animal, they knew where to look. Lo and behold, they peeked into one of the deep, muddy holes and found a small helpless animal. They had no idea it was a four-month-old fox cub caked in mud and horribly petrified.

The fox had been trapped with no chance of escape, covered in thick layers of dried mud from head to toe. The builders rescued him, and then it was off to South Essex Wildlife Hospital. There, his saviors nursed him with food, water and a much-needed bath. He was christened ‘Muddsey.’ Whereas before Muddsey was hardly recognizable as a living creature under all that sludge, let alone a fox, to see his adorable face shine through after a good cleaning is simply amazing.

The staff said, “None of us knew how long he had been down that hole — it could have been all weekend.”

The young cub was completely caked in sludge and barely recognizable as a living creature. He needed immediate care, as it was unclear how long he'd been trapped down in the hole.

Hospital workers attended to the cub. They washed the dirt and mud off his coat, and it didn't take long to see how adorable he was under all that soot!

The hospital named him 'Muddsey,' which is quite fitting if you ask me. This brave little fox is now happy, healthy and safe at last.

I’m so glad this poor baby was rescued; the world is more adorable for it. Please SHARE this story with your friends, and help spread the power of animal rescue!


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