She Tries A Difficult Yoga Pose. Now Watch What The Dog Does…OMG! -->

She Tries A Difficult Yoga Pose. Now Watch What The Dog Does…OMG!

Sometimes, our four-legged friends get jealous when we attempt to perform activities around the house that don’t include them. Like painting, or the laundry, or exercising. Other times, our pets want to join us in said activities and they do so effortlessly, as if they’ve been preparing for this moment their whole lives. Such is the case with the hilarious video you’re about to see.

It’s widely known that yoga is great for the mind, body and soul. We even once introduced you to a woman who maintained her practice well into her 90s! But few people know that dogs can master the art of the downward dog. Here, we see a pet parent sitting on the floor, attempting to bring her leg in back of her head in true yoga fashion. It’s difficult, to say the least. So you can imagine her surprise when her dog, who lays on the floor next to her, whips his hind leg behind his head without any trouble whatsoever. Are you kidding me?!

This. Is. Hysterical! He’s so proud of himself, the way he stares at her and holds the position in place. It’s incredible to watch him mentally match his mom’s legs to his own, while recognizing the difference between his left and right sides!

Okay, dog. Now you’re just showing off.

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