Dog Didn't Want to Kill The Prey So Hunter Brutally Punishes Her

Dog Didn't Want to Kill The Prey So Hunter Brutally Punishes Her

Dogs are commonly used for sniffing out by hunters. However, they are barely treated as pets in many cases, their sole purpose is doing their job and sitting in their cage.

Ruby, too, like many other hunter dogs, spent almost all her life for the same thing. She barely ever felt love.

One day, unfortunately, Ruby couldn’t do very good at her job, according to her owner. She let the prey to be hunted go away. Although no one knows what exactly caused her to do that, it became evident that she had a heart of gold.

Ruby’s master then decided that she wasn’t worth keeping and beat her brutally, which broke her hips. Then, he dumped her like garbage. But, she was luckily found and rescued. She was also taken into medical care quickly.

The medical team treated all her wounds, dehydration, and malnourishment. Then, her surgery was scheduled. Ruby was feeling like she mattered for someone for the first time. The rescuers showered her with love and made her feel secure. Maybe that’s why Ruby recovered in almost no time after the surgery. Then, something amazing happened—Ruby found a forever home!

The new family gave her the most special thing in the world—love! Ruby would now live a life with the smothering amount of love and she wouldn’t be left- out anymore.

More people should understand that dogs are living beings just like us and feel every emotion like we do! They should be treated no less than we treat humans. Thankfully, Ruby will be treated exactly like that all her life now!


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