Owners Shocked With Their Golden Retriever Giving Birth to Four Baby Cows

Owners Shocked With Their Golden Retriever Giving Birth to Four Baby Cows

Being pregnant and taking care of someone who is pregnant is no easy task. But the folks at Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue were up for the task.

When Rosie arrived at the county animal shelter while very pregnant, they were happy to take in and properly care for the golden retriever mix.

Katie and John Black have fostered more than 20 dogs in their day. So taking in a pregnant dog was a fun challenge for them. They couldn’t wait for Rosie’s adorable pups to arrive.

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But they were in for quite the surprise when Rosie actually gave birth. They were shocked by what they saw as it was nothing they’d seen before.

Rosie gave birth to four gorgeous puppies, they just look nothing like her.
“Not quite what we were expecting – Our foster dog and Golden Mix gave birth yesterday. To baby cows,” Katie wrote on Reddit.

The golden retriever’s babies weren’t golden at all. Instead, they looked like little baby cows.

Her babies were black and white or brown and white spotted little pups.
While everyone else thought it was incredibly strange, Rosie didn’t seem to mind one bit.

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The four black and white spotted pups are aptly named Daisy, Betsy, Clarabelle, and Moo. No one knows what kind of dog the father is, but it's clear he's not a fellow Golden Retriever.

Rosie will enjoy her temporary residence with Katie and John while she nurses her puppies and watches them grow. When they're old enough, they'll be put up for adoption and sent to loving homes. Rosie will also be looking for a permanent home.

Follow the rescue organization on Instagram to watch these baby cows and their proud mama grow and thrive.


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