Supermarkets in Czech Republic Provide Unsold Food To Charity

Supermarkets in Czech Republic Provide Unsold Food To Charity

Czech supermarkets will be banned from throwing away or destroying unsold food and must instead donate it to charities or to non-profit organizations, under a law set to crack down on food waste.

In 2017, according to the Czech Federation of Food Banks, 1900 tons of unused food, were collected. Now, the amount of donated food could increase up to five times.

Tesco has been cooperating with food banks since 2013. "We give hundreds of tons of food, usually fruit, vegetables, and pastries," said Václav Koukolíček, chain's spokesman, adding that donations from 154 stores are made daily or weekly basis.

Now bosses of supermarkets with a footprint of 400 sq meters or more will have to sign donation contracts with charities or face a penalty.

In Europe, a similar practice is already in place in Italy or France. A law passed last year in the Italian Senate helped the country recover 1m tonnes of food a year for the needy, according to the law’s chief sponsor, and came six months after a similar bill was passed in France.


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