This “Doggie School Bus” Takes Dogs On Play Dates Every Day

This “Doggie School Bus” Takes Dogs On Play Dates Every Day

Arat Montoya probably has the best job in the world, as he offers a very unusual doggie daycare service. The man from Portland, Oregon, picks up pups for the day at 7 A.M. every morning and drops them back home at 2 pm.

This is definitely a great way to avoid your pets from feeling lonely while you are busy working.

36-year-old Montoya was born in Mexico and moved to Canby with his family at 16. Montaya’s family always worked as bakers. However, Montaya’s dreams were different.

Montaya was confronted by his dad and asked to follow the family traditions. But he said, “I’m sorry, Dad. I love dogs.”


After that, Montaya worked for a few years at the Dog Club of West Linn. But sadly, the business shut down and Montaya had no choice but to move on. So, he continued to provide his services from his own home. Montaya’s wife then became pregnant and he had to expand his business. That was when Montaya took his Scion X8 and added some black stripes on the side.

The sign he made read “Doggie School Bus.” He then waited in his driveway and waited until clients started coming with their puppies.

“I got 16 customers within two weeks,”
Montoya said.

Montaya picks the dogs up and drops them off within a 5-mile radius and takes the dogs to race to the 5-acre property he rents from a friend, and only charges $30 per day.

Last year, one of the clients of Montaya recorded a video of his puppies running out of the front door and into the school bus. The clip took no time to go viral and consequently, Montoya’s Facebook page now has over 28,000 followers.

Because of the overflowing furry clients, Montaya had to upgrade his vehicle to a bigger one. Now, Montaya usually picks up 20 dogs in his new 1998 Ford Econoline van.

Recently, Montaya is thinking about expanding his Doggie School Bus business even more. Even already has another vehicle to pick the dogs up, but it’s very hard to find a driver for the service.

“I’ve already tried three people,” he confesses. “And the dogs…they don’t behave as they do with me.”

Montaya has been best with 300+ dogs with new groups every day. He even knows the names of all of them and can also identify them!

“I’m the happiest man in the world doing what I’m doing,” he says. “I just love dogs. I love dogs and I’m always looking for the best for them.”


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