Man Takes His Dog On Final Epic Road Trip After His Dog Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Man Takes His Dog On Final Epic Road Trip After His Dog Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Having a pet is one of the best things about life. It’s a creature that loves you unconditionally, and is always excited to see you. I can’t tell you how many times I had a bad day at school only to have my dog instantly cheer me up the second I got home. That’s why when something is wrong with our pets, it affects us so deeply. So when Robert Kugler found out that something was wrong with his dog Bella, he didn’t hesitate to do all he could to help her or make her happy.

This is Robert and Bella. They look like two peas in a pod.

Recently, Bella was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, or bone cancer. The vet told him that her left leg needed to be amputated or that she should be put down because she is in pain. Robert opted for the surgery.

Unfortunately, the cancer had spread to Bella’s lungs as well. She was given only 3-6 more months to live.

So Robert decided that he wanted to make the last bit of her life as special as possible. So he set out on a cross-country trip with Bella!

Kugler had just graduated, and was getting ready to dive into the ruthless arena that is the job market. He put all of that on hold however. He knew he had to be there for Bella.

In their travels together they visited the Northeastern states as well as Chicago and Florida.

Kugler is a Nebraska native, and when they returned from their travels the journey just didn’t feel complete.

Kugler said, “The journey wasn’t over….yet there we were…back where we started as if we never left.”

As soon as they got the chance to travel again, they couldn’t be stopped.

They visited different places this time. Their journey consisted of stops in Southern Missouri, Nashville and Kentucky.

It’s been 14 months since Bella was diagnosed with cancer, and the pair are still out there on the road together.

Bella seems to be doing well too.

In fact according to Kugler, she’s “pretty darn awesome.”

I applaud Robert for having Bella get the surgery. He wanted as much time with his dog as he could possibly get. Who knows, maybe Bella will end up living for another 10 years. How amazing would that be? I really hope Robert keeps everyone updated on Bella and their adventures together. They are truly an awesome pair!


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