Pedal Through The Redwood Forest In Northern California For The Ultimate Fall Outing

Pedal Through The Redwood Forest In Northern California For The Ultimate Fall Outing

In the United States, the fall season is dotted with many special treats and ‘must-do’ activities. For example, grabbing a pumpkin spice latte, making time to pick apples on the weekend, and planning a drive through the colorful New England countryside marks the start of autumn for many Americans. Yet, an exciting new fall activity emerged in 2019 from Northern California, tempting people nationwide to squeeze one more thing onto their fall bucket lists.

The Redwood Forests Call…
Mendocino County, located three hours north of San Francisco along the pacific coast, is home to legendary redwood forests. There, majestic trees that have existed for centuries intrigue and bring numerous visitors to the area year-round. (1) Up until March of 2019, the only way to view the forests and inhabiting wildlife was via a historic Skunk Train, which continues to depart Fort Bragg several times a week.

On the skunk train, visitors can certainly view the wonderful fall colors of the forest, and even ride a seasonal train coined the ‘Pumpkin Express’ in the autumn months. The pumpkin express also offers a stop at a pumpkin patch and provides delicious treats to match the fall vibes. Yet, an entirely different type of trip through this ancient forest is now available to those looking to go a touch slower and take in more of the fall surroundings.

Just Pedaling Through
Taking the same redwood route as the skunk train, visitors now have the option of renting custom-built rail bikes and pedaling quietly through the woods. The rail bikes sit securely on the tracks, and no train or other traffic is guaranteed during the journey. Being hailed as easy to ride and equipped with electric motors, the rail bikes can accommodate people of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. For most, the seven-mile rail bike journey takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, and riders can even enjoy a stopover at the halfway point of Glen Blair Junction. During the trip, one can expect to see (beyond the beautiful fall leaves!) the Pudding Creek Estuary, wood pilings, and wildlife native the forest.

Trip Details
Rail bikes are designed for two riders at a time but can be rented in groups to allow for a larger excursion. Though a trained guide can accompany groups, all visitors can move at their own pace through the magical forest and take breathers as needed. The cost of a two-rider bike is $89.95 USD, with no discount for single riders and no riders under 6 years of age. Those looking to take the tour are asked to show up 45 minutes in advance for orientation, between the months of March and November.

For those looking to embrace that fall weather and enjoy some exercise, taking a set of railbikes out on the historic skunk train route is definitely a not-to-be-missed experience. In a time where climate change threatens to alter the seasons and our surroundings, visiting the redwood forest of Mendocino County might too be a much-needed slice of positivity for autumnal souls. The forest represents, beyond an astounding display of fall colors, generations of forest stewardship and natural wonder.


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