Man Carries Stack Of Porridge Bowls To A Cabin To Feed Orphaned Bear Cubs

Man Carries Stack Of Porridge Bowls To A Cabin To Feed Orphaned Bear Cubs

It’s meal time for these bear cubs at the Orphan Bear Rehabilitation Center (OBRC) in Russia and they are hungry for their porridge. A dedicated group of people are saving the lives of these orphaned bear cubs so that they can eventually be returned to the wild.

Sadly, these bear cubs were separated from their mothers either due to hunting or other circumstances. The centre is part of the the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) that rescues and protects animals worldwide.

In the years that the centre has existed, its specialists have developed and perfected a method that allows cubs to stay wild. Even though they are raised by people, the techniques employed at the centre mean bears do not become domesticated or comfortable around humans. That’s why in the video below, you’ll see the bear cubs are kept in an enclosure.

As this caregiver comes with the cubs’ food, the baby bears scramble to get their meal.

Although it may seem he’s being a bit rough handling them, he’s making sure the youngsters don’t fight over the food and that each gets his/her fair share. He is also keeping his interaction with them to a minimum so they can be successfully reintroduced into the wild.

Preparing a cub to be released back takes time and is a gradual process. The time needed varies from bear to bear. To date, over 200 bears have been rehabilitated and returned to the wild by the OBRC.

The center is now considered a world leader in bear rehabilitation, and its successful techniques are being adopted by bear rehabilitation projects around the world.

Watch the full documentary below for a deeper understanding of the Rescue Centre’s vital and important work!


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