20 Unusual Bird Nests Built In The Weirdest Places -->

20 Unusual Bird Nests Built In The Weirdest Places

Man is undoubtedly this planet’s greatest success story; our innovation has meant that we’re able to adapt to any environment, regardless of how ridiculous it might seem; people live in the deserts, and in the arctic tundra – in places which should be underwater, as well as on the sides of mountains. Yet, this comes at a cost – we’ve destroyed many habitats of the other creatures that share the planet in the process of doing this.

Luckily, we aren’t the only innovators on the planet. Birds, who have had their homes destroyed and taken by humans since the dawn of civilization, have used that to their advantage; here are 20 photos that show that birds that create nests can choose the strangest places to do so, and make them successful!

Ashtray Nest

Swallow Nest In Old Lamp

A Goose Figurine Became Home To A Real Live Bird

Traffic Light Nest

Shoe House

Man Left His Car In A Parking Lot For 6 Days And Came Back To This

Old Teapot

Nest On A Statue

Dove Nest On A Wreath

Outside Is Better

Hummingbird Nesting On A Patio Windchime

Duck Nest

Cigarette Bins Must Seem Very Attractive To Blue Tits Looking For Somewhere To Settle Down

Nest In The Engine Of A Minibus

Dove’s Nest

A Pair Of Great Tits And Their New Family Have Nested In A Traffic Cone

Blue Tit Makes Its House In A Lamp Post

Dove Nest Inside Basket

South American Ovenbirds Building Their Nests Out Of Clay Or Mud On The Window

Grim Nest


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