Jatayu Nature Park a Symbol of ‘Dedication to Women’s Safety’ -->

Jatayu Nature Park a Symbol of ‘Dedication to Women’s Safety’

Location – Kerala, India. A place with already stunning views of nature, the nature park open since 2017, Jatayu Earth’s Center is now glorified with the largest bird sculpture in the world. It’s a collaboration between the tourism department and Rajiv Anchal (sculptor and a film director). The name of the bird is Jatayu and its greatness is 200 feet (61 meters) long, 150 feet (46 meters) wide, and 70 feet (21 meters) tall.

For a sculpture of this massive size, the detail is incredible. Each layered feather is individually decorated! Wings allow visitors to walk on the top of the sculpture and climb to its talons and head. Jatayu is designed for visitors to go inside as well but also its body acts as a roof to the Earth Center’s building. Anchal and his team needed 10 years to finish their masterpiece. So why such an effort, you might ask? Jatayu sends a strong message, referring to its origin story.

As a symbolic figure from the Hindu epic Ramayana, this massive art is a symbol of dedication to women’s safety. Another symbolism follows this sculpture and it’s a “bygone era when humans, animals, and other living forms care for each other and fellow beings lived peacefully on this Earth.”

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