Lonely Elephant In Pakistan Gets Freed Thanks To Pop Singer Cher And Her Campaign -->

Lonely Elephant In Pakistan Gets Freed Thanks To Pop Singer Cher And Her Campaign

Everyone has their own personal opinion about zoos, circuses, and other events and functions that involve animals. Some people find events and exhibits containing animals entertaining and a great learning experience. Others find them completely wrong and believe such animals deserve to be set free.

Although we may hold a difference of opinion, I think we can all agree on one thing: some of these animals get treated fairly and are well-loved by their owners, trainers, and the like, but other times, they are put in abusive and very sad situations. In the latter case, that needs to change. The happiness and health of an animal should always come first.

But today, we don’t have a sad story. Long time pop singer, Cher, has recently shared some great news about an elephant residing at the Murghazar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan.

As of May 21, 2020, the Pakistan High Court ordered “the world’s loneliest elephant” to be set free. For four years, Cher has been trying to make this ruling a reality, and it has finally happened.

“THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE,” the singer shared on Twitter.

Cher has her reasons for wanting to save this particular elephant. The 33-year-old Asian elephant named Kaavan, who’s originally from Sri Lanka, has had a sad life. The elephant’s only friend, Saheli, passed away eight years ago at the zoo he resided at. Since 2012, the elephant has been unable to make new friends.

On top of that, Kaavan has had to put up with terrible living conditions, including being locked in chains for a great portion of his life. Looking at photos, anyone could tell you that the elephant was very unhappy and that something needed to be done about it as soon as possible.

But thanks to the efforts of Cher and the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB), the sweet elephant will be finding a suitable, new living situation.

“The pain and suffering of Kaavan must come to an end by relocating him to an appropriate elephant sanctuary,” said the court.

It’s not just Kaavan who will soon be happy. The court also ordered that the rest of the animals at the zoo are temporarily brought to sanctuaries as well until the zoo can improve the living situation of their critters.

Cher and the others involved in helping get justice for Kaavan are very thankful.

“It’s so emotional for us that I have to sit down,” Cher said.

Meet Kaavan below. I hope his life is genuinely better following the court ruling!


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