Woman Builds A Stairlift For Her Three Elderly Rescued Pugs, And It’s Adorable -->

Woman Builds A Stairlift For Her Three Elderly Rescued Pugs, And It’s Adorable

Dogs give us the gift of company and joy for their whole lives, so the least we can do is to provide them with a little comfort in their golden years, when they are already older.

Sonya Karimi, 31, who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, owns three elderly dogs, after she recently adopted Bodhi, who also suffers from a ligament problem in her knee. She decided to build a stairlift for them in her home so they won’t be forced to climb stairs.

Photo credit: Mercury Press

Bodhi, 10, joined George, 13, and Sam, 10, to complete this doggy family, all of whom are adopted. Karimi created this ingenious elevator, which she adapted to the stairs of their house so they didn’t have to spend their little energy.

Photo credit: Mercury Press

Using outstanding construction skills, Karimi used wood and metal parts. Thus, she fixed a base on the steps, which go from the top floor to the bottom. This way, with a box she built, the hairy ones can be mounted and slide from one floor to the other.

Photo credit: Mercury Press

As can be seen in the next video, the family helps the four-legged friends in this task of moving from one floor to another. They climb up and slowly descend until they reach the floor. Thanks to this elevator, their knees won’t suffer any more.

Sonya, who is an occupational therapist, has dedicated herself to taking care of her dogs just as she does her patients. They are grateful to have so much help in these years where everything is complicated. But of course she will never leave them alone.

Photo credit: Mercury Press


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