Toddler and baby gorilla lock eyes then begin playing game no one can ignore

Toddler and baby gorilla lock eyes then begin playing game no one can ignore

Imagine this: you’re at the zoo with your toddler, expecting nothing more than a day filled with animal sights and sounds. 

But what if your little one ends up making an unexpected friend? That’s precisely what happened to Isaiah and his parents during their visit to the Columbus Zoo. They thought it would be just another day of watching animals, but little did they know, Isaiah was about to form a connection with a baby gorilla named Kamoli.
Kamoli was safely behind a glass enclosure in the zoo’s Congo Expedition area. He was probably just as curious about the visitors as they were about him. Then, along came Isaiah, a pint-sized bundle of energy, ready to make a new friend.
“He was just looking at the gorillas, and we said to him, ‘Isaiah, what do the gorillas do?’ and he started pounding his chest,” Isaiah’s mom, Sherry Chute, shared with The Columbia Dispatch. This simple, innocent action was the spark that ignited a friendship. Kamoli was intrigued.
What happened next was like a scene from a children’s book. Kamoli and Isaiah started a playful game of tag. Kamoli would dash to one side of his enclosure, and Isaiah, not wanting to be left out, would scamper after him. It was as if an invisible thread of friendship had tied them together. 

 What a memorable moment they captured, see below!

Sherry couldn’t have been happier watching this unfold. “It was delightful to see Isaiah make such a unique and exotic friend,” she said. “Humans and gorillas share so much in common, so it’s not surprising that these two got along like a house on fire.”


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