Motherless baby deer approaches family in yard begging for help

Motherless baby deer approaches family in yard begging for help

In the heart of a serene countryside, a unique bond between humans and a wild animal unfolded, capturing the attention and admiration of millions. This is the story of Thor, a lone baby deer, and a kind-hearted family who offered him a new lease on life. 

The saga began when Dawn and her husband heard a helpless fawn in their yard bleating – and it was clear he needed help. In fact, the baby deer, who’d lost his mother, even stood on top of Dawn’s husband’s feet.
Understanding the critical balance between nurturing a wild animal and respecting its innate nature, Dawn and her husband were adamant: Thor would not be a pet. They embarked on a mission to raise him with one goal in mind—to reintegrate him back into the wild. 

Their commitment to his well-being was profound, extending to sleeping outside near his enclosure to safeguard him through the night and adhering to a rigorous feeding schedule that demanded attention every three hours.
Thor’s dietary needs were a paramount concern, necessitating a departure from conventional choices like cow’s milk. Goat’s milk became his lifeline, carefully selected to ensure his growth and development on the path to independence. 

This meticulous attention to his nutritional needs underscored the family’s dedication to Thor’s survival and future autonomy in the wild.
As Thor grew, he gradually learned to navigate the complexities of his natural environment, though the bond with his human family remained unbroken. 

Remarkably, Thor would respond to their calls, returning from the depths of the wilderness for his bottle of milk. This routine continued, even as Thor matured and adapted to life beyond the confines of human care.
Watch their heartwarming story in the video below!

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