Dog Pack Living Inside An Old Tire To Evade The Scorching Sun

Dog Pack Living Inside An Old Tire To Evade The Scorching Sun

An old, deflated tire became a refuge for three little dogs in a forsaken spot under a freeway overpass in California. Shielded from the brutal sun, they huddled together, their survival hanging by a thread in the remote and scorching environment. 

Fate turned in their favor when a man, lost and mistakenly taking a wrong turn, spotted a white Terrier sprawled atop a trash heap near the tire. Aware of the dire conditions, he promptly contacted Faith Easdale, a seasoned rescuer with Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue.
Faith was familiar with the grim reality of abandoned pets in such desolate areas. “It’s an everyday occurrence,” she remarked, reflecting on the frequent abandonment sites scattered across underpasses and remote fields. 

Responding swiftly, Faith reached out to Cassandra Aldridge, a local rescuer, to investigate. Arriving on the scene, Cassandra discovered not one but three dogs peering out from the tire. Weak and dehydrated, they lacked the strength to leave their makeshift shelter. With no time to spare, Cassandra carefully loaded the tire with the dogs inside of it into her car, seeking relief from the heat.
As the air conditioning soothed the pups, Faith joined Cassandra, and together, they coaxed the timid dogs from their refuge. Wrapping them in a blanket, Faith tenderly offered water, which they eagerly drank. 

“They just were so lethargic that they didn’t even want to run,” Faith told The Dodo, relieved as the dogs settled into a crate, comforted by each other’s presence. The trio, a poignant symbol of neglect turned to hope, was then taken to a veterinary hospital. Given their ordeal, the rescuers whimsically named them after tire brands—Michelin, Pirelli, and Kumho—marking their new journey towards recovery.
Despite their flea and tick infestations and the skin damage they suffered, the dogs reveled in their safety, their spirits uplifted by the care they received. The sight of the white dog protectively placing her paw over another pup melted the hearts of their saviors. 

Nursed back to health and safety, the dogs now awaited a future far removed from the harshness of a tire under an overpass.


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