2-Month-Old Aardvark Rescued By A Truck Driver

2-Month-Old Aardvark Rescued By A Truck Driver

When a Namibian truck driver stumbled across a baby critter nestled against one of his tires, he sprung into action. The baby creature turned out to be an aardvark and its mother was nowhere to be found. The man decided to bring it back with him to the truck company’s headquarters.

Once there, they decided to turn it over to Dr. Erika de Jager. Apparently, she was immediately drawn to the strange-looking youngster, as evidenced by the following statement:

“It was love at first sight for me.”

This little aardvark was named E.T. and raised with plenty of care, amidst a surprisingly accepting group of dogs. Once he was strong enough to live on his own, he was slowly reintegrated into the wild.

Still, he comes back home every night to check on his first family.


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