Dog Pokes Face Out Of Kennel To Say Bye As Her Friends Go Home

Dog Pokes Face Out Of Kennel To Say Bye As Her Friends Go Home

When a shelter dog finds a new family and a forever home, it’s something to celebrate. But it’s extraordinarily tough to see them struggle to get adopted. Chauncey, a shy but sweet and playful dog, spent her days at the Spartanburg Humane Society, watching as her friends left with new families through a hole at the bottom of her kennel door. 

Despite the staff’s efforts to help her, nobody seemed interested in adopting her. Angel Cox, CEO of the Spartanburg Humane Society, explained to The Dodo, “Chauncey is very shy until she gets to know you. So, with all the barking and constant activity at the shelter, she kind of watched the world go by.”
The compassionate staff was heartbroken for her, so they gave her extra attention. They took her outside for playtime and walks, sat inside her kennel so she felt less alone, and gave her extra pets and treats. 

Soon, the shelter got word that a family was interested in Chauncey. They were elated! Chauncey was officially adopted and taken to her new home, but bad luck seemed to follow Chauncey. The family changed their minds, said it didn’t work out, and brought her back to Spartanburg Humane Society.
The staff, devastated all over again, put up a post on Facebook with the photo of Chauncey poking her head out of her kennel, hoping to garnish attention. 

Moments later, a family saw her sweet face and felt an instant connection. They came in to meet her and it was love at first sight! 

Cox said, “She sold herself right away. She is a very loving dog and won them over with her sweetness.” Everyone at the shelter was thrilled that Chauncey finally found her happily ever after!


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