Malformed Puppy Shunned By Mom Becomes Snuggly Teddy Bear

Malformed Puppy Shunned By Mom Becomes Snuggly Teddy Bear

Bosley’s Place, a rescue group in Georgia, shared the inspiring tale of a small puppy named Flipflop. Born with a front leg deformity and rejected by his mother shortly after birth, this little puppy battled bravely for his life from the start. 

His fortune took a turn for the better when the dedicated team at Bosley’s Place (BP) decided to help him. Once under their care, Flipflop quickly began to thrive. He took to bottle-feeding immediately and began gaining weight. The rescue group said that other than his front leg deformity, he seems healthy with a good appetite and a zest for life!
The staff closely monitored his development, and within weeks, the little puppy had transformed into a vibrant and joyful pup. He began socializing with other puppies at the rescue, quickly becoming a favorite due to his irresistibly charming personality. 

Despite his malformed leg, he played and enjoyed life alongside his new friends.
However, there remained concerns about his deformed leg and whether it might require amputation to prevent potential infection. 

As Flipflop grew, the situation became clearer. A veterinarian assessed him and concluded that the little Toy Poodle did not need surgery. Soon after, he was cleared for adoption, and that’s when Nikki and her family decided to step up and give him a forever home!
The BP team was overjoyed to see Flipflop, now renamed Butters, begin a new chapter in his life. They were relieved and happy knowing he was going to a loving home with Nikki. The story didn’t end there. Nikki’s family also adopted two other special-needs dogs from BP, Griff and Henry, now known as Hank. 

“He has an amazing family, truly incredible… Not only did they adopt Flipflop, now Butters, but they also adopted TWO of our other special-needs puppies, Griff and Henry, now Hank,” Bosley’s Place updated

Today, Butters is enjoying life in his new home, surrounded by the siblings and humans he adores. After a challenging beginning, he is finally in a place where he belongs!

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