15 Hilarious Photos Of Cats That Prove They Are Liquid

15 Hilarious Photos Of Cats That Prove They Are Liquid

Cats have always been drawn to fitting into the tightest of spaces, the phrase “If I fits, I sits” was created with cats in mind. They have the ability to fit themselves in the most bizarre situations, it becomes an obsession, so much so that they are able to turn into liquid to achieve their goal – how else would they manage it.

To prove the point, those lovely people at Bored Panda have put together irrefutable evidence that cats can flow freely, just like water, and they manage to look extremely cute when they do it. Take a look at these 15 pictures and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

1. My Friend’s Cat Climbed Into A Plastic Flower Pot

2. Look, a bowl of flour…

3. I think your cat is melting!

4. Update: Feline Continues To Seek Fully Liquid State

5. You Both Can’t Fit… Oh, I Forgot Cats Were Liquid

6. More proof cats are liquid

7. I’ll have a glass of…

8. If I fits…junior edition!

9. Meet Blimp Kitty. I Took This When I Was Walking Around My Neighborhood In Boston. Two Seconds After I Took The Photo It Moved And Looked Totally Normal. So Strange…

10. It’s so hot, even the cat has melted

11. Waterfall kitty

12. My sink is clogged !

13. Both solid and liquid

14. A liquid has no fixed shape so it takes on the shape of any container

15. Purr-retzels

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