He Made up a Plan Preventing His Cat From Waking Him Up

He Made up a Plan Preventing His Cat From Waking Him Up

We all know that cats can be the greatest pets who love to snuggle around and keep their owners occupied, but sometimes you just need a little bit of alone time. Or perhaps you don’t really appreciate your cat waking you up early in the mornings, which is something owner Kristian Svenson can probably relate to.

The man describes his adorable kitten Mulder as “mischievous”, and we definitely can’t argue with that. Kristian was preparing chicken wraps in the kitchen and Mulder kept on jumping on the counter, so he needed to figure out a way to work in the kitchen without Mulder hanging around his every move.

Unfortunately for him, Kristian’s cat figured out a way to open doors. Even if the man closed his door, Mulder the cat would regularly take a peek anyway.

“The first clip is from January. Mulder was 5 months old. I was wrapping chicken and I needed him to stop jumping on the counter for a couple minutes, so I tossed him into the bathroom and closed the door. Seconds later, he was out. I grabbed my camera, started rolling, and tossed him back in. This was something he had never done previously,” he posted in a comment underneath his YouTube video.

Tired of all the interruptions, Kristian decided to come up with a plan. Knowing that a regular doorknob wouldn’t hold Mulder back, he tried to take things to the next level.

Cat’s aren’t a huge fan of water, and Kristian gladly took advantage of that.

He placed a large tub of water right underneath the doorknob so that Mulder wouldn’t be able to bust out some acrobatic moves as he’d be afraid to land in the water.
However, it turns out Mulder is a lot more acrobatic than he previously thought. Even the box of water didn’t stop the adorable feline, as he just jumped from a slightly different angle and balancing his weight very precariously. Sure enough, Mulder then succeeds in lowering the door knob just enough for the door the open.

He lands back safely on the ground without ever touching the water, and simply hops over the tub to go see what his owner was spooking around in the kitchen.


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