Dog Refuses To Leave Autistic Boy Alone in Hospital

Dog Refuses To Leave Autistic Boy Alone in Hospital

Dogs are known as man’s best friend because of the incredible love and loyalty that they show their human owners. Now, a story is going viral that showcases this love in a beautiful way!

James Isaac is a 9 year-old nonverbal boy from New Zealand who suffers from autism. Though he has trouble forming bonds with others, James is incredibly close to his 2 1/2-year-old dog Mahe. The two are so close that they are virtually inseparable, and it was only a recent terrible event that threatened to tear the dynamic duo apart.

When James started suffering from seizures, he needed an MRI to be done on him to see what was causing them, which necessitated him being hospitalized. Animals aren’t usually allowed in the hospital, meaning that James would have to go through this scary experience alone. Luckily, medical officials at the hospital made an exception and allowed Mahe to accompany him!

Mahe did everything he could to make James feel comfortable and safe, nuzzling his head against the boy as he was put under.

“He was just looking at James, and looking really worried,” said Michelle Isaac, James’ mother.

Given how much Mahe has done for James in the last few years, Michelle was not surprised by what happened at the hospital.

Mahe was trained to take care of children like James by Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust.

“There is such a magic that happens between a child with autism and the dogs, they just calm the kids down,” said Wendy Isaacs, who works for the trust. “The kids will maintain eye contact with the dog, but often not with their own parents and siblings.”

It’s truly wonderful to see how dogs can bring such calm and happiness to a child that suffers with autism.

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